The numbers/graphs are not estimates. They're from an accounting spreadsheet. The graph/numbers change as I update the spreadsheet!

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I host 25-50 people PER WEEK, I did it for 14 months for free
before realizing that throwing large meetups weekly is wreaking havoc on my walls, paint, and carpet. I also got tired of spending several hours of my time on set-up and cleanup. I tried a "donation box" model for a few months which  didn't collect enough money to pay for all expenses.
Currently, I'm charging $5 for my meetups, of which 100% is spent on meetup expenses. I'm all for transparency and I think it's only fair that you know how your $5 is spent. This page is a breakdown of your $5 contribution. If you find any of the below for cheaper (eg carpet cleaning or maid service) please contact me.

I don't charge for my own time putting all this together and I don't charge for my time and gas money driving around purchasing everything required for the meetup to operate.

What your $5 is spent on

Purchasing the movies There are several reasons why I choose to purchase the bluerays instead of streaming the movies from Netflix/Amazon or going to redbox. I DO NOT OWN THE BLUERAYS PURCHASED WITH MEETUP MONEY. THEY ARE GIVEN OUT RANDOMLY EACH WEEK TO SOMEONE THAT STAYED TILL THE END OF THE MOVIE.

Carpet Cleaning I have white carpet that gets used by 35-50 people 4 times a month, which is potentially 200 people per month. The pictures say what words can't.

Maid It's not fun to clean the toilet and bathroom after 25-35 people used it and picking up cans, bottles, vacuuming, wiping down the counters and tables. In the past I'd put at least two hours of my time into setup and cleanup, and I've gotten tired of it. So now I hire a maid to come in to clean up before/after meetups.
wear and tear covers things that wear down. The paint on my walls, the carpet, and the hardwood flooring are deteriorating 78% faster when throwing meetups. You see the deterioration rate of the paint/carpet in the expandable link below. Meetups account for approximately 78% of my home's usage (at least the front "public" half of it). My personal usage of my house is once a day, which is 7 (1 day per week), plus say 3 guests per week, that's 10 people per week. For meetup I have around 25-45 people over.  Let's lowball the average (37.5), say 35 people per Meetup. Now add my personal usage (10 as mentioned before) this comes out to 45 people per week (total usage of my home per week). Now we take the percentage of my personal usage out of total usage: 10/45 which is 22%. So my personal usage is 22%, so 22%-100%= 78%, which means meetup usage is 78%.

Wear and tear charge covers a percentage of the cost of repainting, re carpeting when needed based on the wear and tear percentage calculated above. Meaning i will pay for my percentage of my own wear and tear. Click below to see pictures of examples of wear and tear.

Essential expenses cover things like toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, paper cups, popcorn supplies, lemonade mix, napkins, paper plates, and any other expenses that are pretty much required to have a meetup like this. These expenses seem small but when you consider that i go through at least 2 paper towel rolls, 2 toilet paper rolls, and about $3 worth of paper cups per meetup, these expenses add up.

Non-Essential expenses after I started charging $5 I realized that it doesn't cost exactly $5 per person to run the meetup... I put it to a vote within our whatsapp group... Do i charge less than $5 per person, or do I charge $5 and use the rest of the money to buy stuff for the meetup such as pizza and board games? Over 90% voted to spend the money on board games and pizza. Please note, there will not be pizza every meetup... some meetups I will spend the money on more board games instead. I DO NOT OWN THE BOARDGAMES AND OTHER MOVIE NIGHT RELATED ITEMS BOUGHT WITH MEETUP PROCEEDS: When I decide not to do meetups anymore, I will list all board games on craigslist. All board games and items bought with meetup money will be sold to the highest bidder. I will put it up to a vote on what we should do with the money: Depending on the vote, we will either donate the money to charity or to buy everyone pizza, sodas, and other fun party stuff for the last few meetups, or make the last few meetups free.

Breakage/loss covers things that are broken where nobody confesses that they broke something and they didn't pay for it. It's different from wear and tear because wear and tear covers things that wear down whereas breakage/loss covers things that broke and need to be fixed. It's important to let me know if you see someone break something that way I can ask them to compensate me.

Administritive expenses covers things like the cost of running the website as well as fees. Not a lot of people know this but actually charges money to have meetup groups. I also pay $5 a month to have the professional version of Google apps which allow the movie voting and board game voting spreadsheets to function correctly, the free version doesn't work anymore.

$5 is spectacular for the entertainment value when you consider

  • $5 is how much it costs just to park most places. I provide free parking options (see the parking link on my site)
  • I have popcorn (when volunteers help make it), at theaters is more than $5

  • I have lemonade/ice tea/arnold palmer (When volunteers help make it)
  • For movies, I give away the blu-ray disc to anyone that wants it.
  • You can't bring your own drinks anywhere else, drinks elsewhere are at least $6
  • A movie at a theater is like what? 14 bucks now?
  • Where can you get 7 hours of entertainment for $5?

  • I only charge for expenses I incur, I don't charge for time and effort put into this.