This page lists every question I've ever been asked. If you can't find your answer here, feel free to ask me your question

Hold down ctrl+F and use the search box at the bottom left, top right, or top left (depends on which browser you use) to search the most common word in your question. For example, say you want to ask: How many seats are available for the movie? You'd hold down CTRL F and search "seat" and hit enter till you find your answer.
Q: Why'd do you make me go to a FAQ page instead of just answering my question straight-up? Seems like you're being a dick dude.
A: You've gotta realize that EVERYONE asks me the same questions over and over. Also, lots of times people forget my answers... with a page like this people know they always have a place to get answers if they forget.

 Questions you'd ask before a meetup

Q: Where do I park.
A: Click this link, it has a map and detailed explanation.

Q: Do you recommend your movie night as a first-event to attend? I've never been to a meetup and I don't want to feel awkward. It's my first time, will other newbies be there?
A: Yes, it's a low pressure event and other than the movie there's no specific agenda. Some people play board games, other people talk, other people play drinking games and you talk or not talk to people at your own leisure. If you want you can ask me to introduce you to a friend or two if you want to get a kick-start on getting to know people. Newbies have shown up to every single movie night, I have yet to host a movie night meetup without someone new showing up.

Q: Can I come at X o'clock? When do most people show up?
A: You can't come early, but you can arrive anytime between the meetup start and end times which are listed on the meetup page. Most people show up at around 4:00PM.

Q: What movie are you showing this week? What movies do you usually show?
Q: How many seats are available for the movie?
A: At absolute full capacity (assuming everyone brings chairs from the dining room), I have 23 actual seats as well as various floorspace and standing room in the back. I usually announce that we're starting the movie 10 minutes prior, and those that don't ignore me and grab their seats usually get the good seats. People that don't get seats usually sit on the carpet or stand in the back or simply leave. Some people sometimes decide to go out and eat during the movie and come back later.

Q: Is your place usually get packed? How many people show up?
Depends on the meetup... for karaoke nights and things like the halloween party, yes, it gets packed. For movie nights out of the 60 RSVPs usually about 35 people show up give or take a few.

Q: Should I bring food? Booze? Chips? Soda? What do people bring?
A: I don't require that you bring anything, but you can if you want to. Some people bring stuff and some don't. Most common things brought are chips, soda, and beer.

Q: I forgot to RSVP and the RSVPs are now closed, can i come?
Depends on how many RSVPs there are, if there are over 65 then don't come as my place will probably be overcrowded. If there are less than 65 RSVPs, sure, you can come.

Q: I'm on the waitlist, can I come anyways? Will you ever open up the waitlist?
You can try contacting me via text or whatsapp (my number is listed in the meetup description) and seeing If I'm willing to make an exception. Please also send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE on meetup so I know who you are (don't post a comment on the meetup itself as I don't get notifications for those).  I do open up the wait list sometimes usually around 4:30PM or 5:00PM if I feel my place can handle it.  Check meetup and your email around that time.

Q: I am X or Y age, is your meetup age-appropriate for me?
A: The people that show up vary wildly in age from late and early twenties to late thirties and in some cases late fourties! It's not about age though, it's about attitude and energy. We're generally a "high energy" crowd, so if you feel you're like that then you'd fit in.

Q: Do you only do stuff on Sundays? Do you do stuff during the week?
A: We don't only do Sunday night movies, we do stuff during the week every week, but it's usually a smaller gathering. We coordinate our smaller gatherings on whatsapp (phone messenger app). Anyone can join the chatroom, Click here to learn how to join our whatsapp chatroom.

Q: Are new people allowed to attend? Some meetups require that you've been to another meetup.
A: Yes, Sure. You didn't have to attend a previous meetup.

Q: Is the event free?
A: Depends. Movie nights I charge $5 per person to recoup party expenses. Karaoke nights I usually charge $10 per person. If I'm charging, it will say on the meetup description page. If it doesn't specify an amount then the meetup is free.

Q: Do you have air conditioning?
A: Yes, but household air conditioners aren't made to handle 30-40 people, it's not going to sweltering, but at least during the summer months it will probably be 2 degrees hotter than the ideal comfortable temperature.

Q: I can't stay for the movie or TV show, can I still come and hang out and leave before the movie/show starts?
A: I don't see why not, sure!

Q: I'm only 18 years old, can I still come?
A: My meetups are open to anyone 18 or over to attend, so come on over!

Q: Can i bring someone that is under 18 with me?
A: No, my meetups are 18+ only, sometimes people drink, swear, and we may be playing games (such as cards against humanity) that may be considered by some as being inappropriate for those under the age of 18.

 Questions you'd ask during a meetup

Q: What is your wifi name? password?
A: The answer to that is on the wall that is between the front door and kitchen.

Q: We're out of cups! Where are the cups???
A: The cups are located in the upper cupboard to the left side of the kitchen if you're facing away from the TV. The cupboard is marked "Cups".
Please come ask me if it's OK to take out more cups.

Q: What restaurants are in your area?
A: Click here for a map of the food in the area.