If you want to help out please let me know so that I'm able to lower my guard a little and enjoy the meetups knowing that some of the responsibility has been taken off my shoulders. Anyone that wants to help is welcome to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time to any listed meetup, but please let me know first. If you're confused about any of the below, please ask me to elaborate.

things you can help with

  • Make sure that NOBODY goes into the carpeted hallway to the left of the bathroom into the back of the house for any reason whatsoever without my express consent and permission. Make sure nobody opens the closet to the right of the bathroom.
  • Make sure that NOBODY places ANYTHING in the ice dispenser in the freezer, object will break the ice dispenser and cause a spill.
  • Make sure people have their shoes off and use the shoe rack that is behind the front door (in the hallway).
  • Make sure people have their shoes on, on the balcony. People in their socks track dirt and will destroy the carpet.
  • Make sure there are enough cups, cups are located in the top part of the first cabinet to your right when entering the kitchen from the TV area.
  • Make sure there is toilet paper and hand soap in the bathroom. (toilet paper located under the sink in the bathroom).
  • Make sure there are hand towels in the kitchen and at the popcorn maker. (hand towels in the cabinet located above the fridge).
  • Make sure people are writing their names on their cups and re-using them, make sure the cup-sharpie has not been lost, find it and put it back if it's lost.
  • Make sure the patio door is closed at all times, even if there are people outside. This keeps the noise inside the house, and the neighbors happy.
  • Help me make popcorn, or teach others how to make the popcorn, I will teach you if you need to know how, have people make popcorn if needed.
  • Make Lemonade/Ice tea/Arnold Palmer if needed/wanted. Use the drink dispenser next to the popcorn maker. Use water from the fridge (it's filtered). Use the ice from the refrigerator, you can take the ice tray out and dump some ice into the drink. The lemonade/Ice tea is located in the cabinet to the right of the oven.
  • Ask people to grab chairs from the dining room to put behind the couches when the movie starts, ask people to put them back after the movie. The front "White" low-to-the-floor couches also need to be re positioned for the movie.
  • Make sure underage people are not drinking, ask me to card them if they are. Card anyone smoking medicinal marijuana.
  • Help Re-position the couch as needed before and after movie night. Couch faces front door before movie, couch faces TV during movie, couch faces front door after movie is over.
  • If people brought something: Chips/Nuts/Candy/etc please grab the thin paper plates (located in cabinet to the left of oven) and spread out what they brought on a plate and place it on the popcorn-maker table.
  • Help me announce the start of the movie, or make other announcements as well as help bring people from the dining room into the living room to watch the movie.