House rules have consequences, etiquette don't. I'm not against fun, I'm an adult who doesn't want to throw the kinds of events where the cops come to shut our gathering down. My homeowners association has already issued a warning. I don't want to give anyone (including my homeowner's association) an excuse to tell me that I can't host events anymore.

7 Simple House Rules
Violating any of these rules will result in being asked to leave never come back, especially buzzing the wrong buzzer or going in the back of the house.

Please don't assume it's OK to violate any of these rules because we're friends.

The "regulars" at my meetups will keep a lookout for violators of the rules and will let me know.

  1. Nobody is allowed past the bathroom into the back of the house without my explicit permission for any reason whatsoever.
  2. No bothering my neighbors: My buzzer is 102, my apartment is 102.
  3. No illegal activity. This includes drinking/smoking under 21. If you're drinking & look young, I'll card you. Drink responsibly. Bring your IDs.
  4. Don't litter in the lobby/front garden. Don't prop open ANY doors (building front door, side door...etc). Do not hang out in the lobby.
  5. Be quiet (whisper) when entering or exiting my building until you are clear of the building. Keep noise to a minimum.
  6. One person on the balcony MAX at a time. The balcony door & all windows must remain closed to contain sound. Balcony is for smoking.
  7. Dump out ALL water/liquid in bottles, cans, or cups before throwing them away or recycling them.

Violation of the rules may result in a ban from my meetups

I reserve the right to eject anyone from any meetup I am hosting for any reason whatsoever. Including breaking the rules, being a dick, or being a nuisance to others.

(Sorry for the consequences, people don't follow rules if there are no consequences)


  1. Shoes off inside the house, shoes on when on the balcony.
  2. Look at the pictures above the trashcan for where to put recyclables.
  3. Write your name on your cups and reuse them. Minimize cup usage.