This page is for stuff that I found out myself that does not exist anywhere else on the internet (I googled this a lot and found nothing, then proceeded to try it out myself, and this page lists the results). I'm aware that a lot of this stuff is obscure as hell, but I figure as long as one person need this info then this page was worth making.


Getting the bubbles to work: I found this old bubble lamp on the street that was filled with garbage. When I plugged it in the light worked and so did the color changing function but the motor did not push out bubbles. I soaked the air stone in vinegar for 24 hours then in a mixture of 1/4 bleach and 3/4 water for another 24 hours and walla! The air worked.

Silencing the air pump: The air pump inside was LOUD AS HELL as it vibrated and the sound reverberated throughout the lamp itself, this is probably why it was thrown away... I opened the bubble lamp, threw the old air pump away and bought a tetra whisper 40 for $12 from amazon:  the pump was too big to fit inside the enclosure so It just sits outside of it, i hooked the line up directly with the old line that the old pump used, now it's super quiet!

Replacing the bulb with a brighter power-saving bulb: After about a month the bulb died out on me, it was a mr16 50w halogen type bulb, i replaced it with a power saving LED bulb that put out more light using only 7w of power, i got it here:  it works great, brighter and less power usage!

Fixing the colors: Inside the bubble lamp there is a spinning disc that spins very slowly above the light, so that the light passes through the colors thus changing the light of the lamp... Unfortunately it's an old bubble lamp and the red and yellow colors were faded, the green and blue colors weren't faded at all... So it would display deep blue, very weak yellow, deep green, very week red.... I needed some sort of translucent paint to replace the paint on the wheel. I used printer ink paint and just smeared it on the disk with my finger, I had to apply quite a few drops to get the ink saturated.... works perfectly.

Glitter experiments: I thought glitter would look cool along with the bubbles in the lamp, so i bought regular glitter... This didn't work because the glitter wouldn't float in the water. I tried pouring a ton of salt to increase the buoyancy of the glitter but this didn't work either. Next i tried extra fine glitter... this glitter was small enough to float! but was too small to reflect the light coming from the bulb, you could barely tell that the glitter was there... eventually the glitter started sticking to the sides of the lamp and made it look dusty.... so i cleaned the glitter off... Glitter experiment fails, do not try to put glitter in your bubble lamp.

Pearl dust: As a last ditch effort to make the lamp look cooler, i tried to replicate this effect:  I thought it would look awesome! The stuff that gives the liquor that effect is called "pearl dust" so i bought some and tried it... this failed too, the pearl dust was too fine and caused a total blackout of the light, completely taking away the "lamp" in bubble lamp. I tried diluting it to a very small amount, enough to no longer block out the light, but the effect went away and it just looked like cloudy water. When the light was blocked, the effect of the pearl dust was very subtle and NOT like it looks like in the video i linked, the reason being was that there's too much movement caused by the bubbles... notice in the link i provided the cup was standing still... no movement other than the water itself moving around.... Apparently the effect doesn't look as cool when the water is moving around at fast rates and randomly (bubbles generate random water flow), so don't put pearl dust in your water lamp either.