For My father. Dr. Majid

Water is the 2nd most fundamental thing in life. First air, then water, then food. It also coincidentally happens to be #2 on many lists of "top things the homeless need".

This is a story about how we're I'm going to practice what I preach.

My father has recently passed away, and our family bought 750 bottles of his favorite water to use at his funeral.

It turns out that the funeral parlor had the water covered, we used what we could of our own water. We didn't even make a dent.

I was returning home with over 500 bottles of water. We thought about returning it, but I decided to pass it foward.

I spent the better part of today handing water to people. I estimate that I passed out around 300 bottles of water today,

90% of which were "one bottle one person" and a few to those that I thought were really far from accessible water.

I didn't hand them to anyone I thought could afford to buy a bottle from a vending machine.

But I'm an environmentalist at heart, and although I realized that these bottles would be recycled for the $.05 that they're worth, I recognize that the practice wasn't sustainable.

This is when I came up with an idea, not to spend money on water, but to spend it on actual water bottles, that can be reused and refilled at any water fountain.

But what about waste? What if someone tosses the bottle?

There will be a QR code on each bottle, that can be scanned with any smartphone and it will send the user an address they can mail the bottles to.

Along with the QR code, a simple message:


The bottles will be designed to maximize the size of the CHEAPEST mailing option for them.

IE, the bottle will fit PERFECTLY SNUG in the CHEAPEST USPS / UPS / FEDEX / or AMAZON sized bottle box.

Anyone that finds a bottle can then either mail it to us, or drop it off at our dropoff address. We will have a dropoff box.

This gives anyone a chance to pay it forward, as well.

The bottles can then be treated with water and bleach, cleaned, then refilled with water, chilled, and handed out once again.

The QR code can also lead to a website with detailed instructions on how to  wash and sanitize the bottles, chill them, then hand them out to anyone in need.


Is to start a movement.

I don't want this project to start and end in los angeles.

I don't want to be the only one helping. We can all help. It will be easy and take little to no time.

All it will require is a refrigerator. A QR code linking to an address. A large cooler tub, and some bleach. Anyone can do it.

I will fund the project out of my own pocket, and provide a donation link for others to also fund the project.

The plans on how to coordinate the QR code bottles will be posted here.

transparency is the key to duplication.

everyone can do it.


I am going to do this work, free of charge. I will never take a penny of the proceeds for myself, and any money made is reinvested it into the project.

I will help others get started doing the same thing I'm doing. Nobody deserves to go thirsty.


It's my #1 pet peeve. I will freely admit that I personally installed locks on all the outdoor water faucets in my building.

I did it to prove a point to my HOA. I did it because they were often misused.

But I'm willing to provide my own water and time.

I said this because we all err.

We are only human


Why sure you can! There are many things I'm going to need to get this project going.
You can help in any of the following ways, and the following are a list of exact things we need. Both listed in rough order of importance!

  • Providing free or "at cost" products and services, like I am, to pay it forward. What i need is listed in the next box!
  • Providing reduced rates cost services.
  • providing your time (helping me get things done %1000000 flexible witch your schedule)
  • Providing us with a catchy or easy to remember web domain name.
  • Donating your time
  • Donating your money


Things we need in order of importance:

  1. A catchy domain name, like www.thewaterproject.com (great name guys!)
  2. A P.O. box, preferrably in the 90048 area code. With drop-off capabilities, so that anyone can drop off a bottle without mailing.
  3. A preferrably-local American plastics manufacturer, willing to provide water bottles at cost. Or close to cost.
  4. A preferrably-local American screen printer or other logo printer, for printing the QR code onto the water bottles.
  5. Someone who can make us a deal with any of the major shipping companies to provide shipping for a discount or at cost: USPS, UPS, FEDEX, and AMAZON are all great contenders.
  6. A large refrigerator or freezer capable of keeping water cold, but not frozen.
  7. A large "tailgate party" sized cooler.
  8. bleach.
  9. Money In order to get all of the things above.


You can do this too. I'll send you bottles with QRs with your PO box or address at cost.

You can take care of as little as 5 bottles or as many as you have spare fridge space.

When a bottle comes back, simply clean it, sanitize it, fill it, chill it and hand it back out!

Any amount helps.


He was a much greater man than I will ever be.

He, donated of his own time and money to help people in need even when they had nothing to offer him.

I'm just passing it forward.