Why join the chatroom?
  •  Chat with us: discuss hangouts, or whatever life throws at you.
  •  Attend our hangouts that re not posted on meetup, (like last-minute get togethers).
  •  suggest a/vote on movies and board games!
  •  access the "Regulars map", see the ares where people live for carpool logistics.
Perks in red are unlocked by doing the "unlocking website functions" at the bottom of this page in addition to joining

Instructions for being added to our chatroom:

  • You must have already attended at least one of our meetups to join. You may not join if you have not yet attended one of our meetups.
  • Download WhatsApp.
  • Read the "WhatsApp Chatroom Rules" listed below.
  • Click the three "I have read the rules and agree to them" buttons at the bottom of the rules section, they will allow you to join our rooms.
  • Once you've joined by clicking the buttons, read the "Once you've joined" section on this page. It's very important unless you like random pictures showing up on your phone, your phone dinging/annoying you, and nobody knowing your name.

Whatsapp Chatroom Rules
There are 4 Whatsapp rooms, each serves a different purpose, each has their own rules.
Plz don't expect me to bend the rules because we're friends, homey don't play dat.

The most important rule is RED room rule, MAKE SURE you understand it
  • GREEN Room: General discussion, anything goes, just don't be a dick.
  • YELLOW Room: Hangout discussion for discussing hangout logistics (carpooling, hangout suggestions...etc). Once you've discussed the meetup, you post it in RED Room.  General conversations belong in GREEN Room... 
  • RED Room: This is ONLY for announcing hangouts. Post once per hangout unless details change. Include all hangout info in one post: When, Where, Why...etc. Most people don't mute this room, you shouldn't either. This room dings peoples phone. BE VERY CAREFUL, don't post accidentally, KEEP POSTS TO AN MINIMUM.
  • MOVIE VOTE ROOM: NO CHAT! movie suggestions only. Non-suggestion posts with be meet with a swift and weeklong ban. Each week you will be prompted to make a suggestion for the movie to be played in two weeks. After one week of open suggestions submissions will be closed. A link will then be provided for a strawpoll.com vote. This vote will conclude after two days and the movie will be chosen. If you didn't understand how this works, don't worry.... just watch how people do it for a week, and vote next week.
  • All-Inclusive: All-or-none: You can create rooms with your own personal friends, but if you invite someone from our group to a room you have to extend the invitation to everyone else in the group. Joining private rooms where some aren't invited will rescind your membership in the public rooms. The only exception to this rule is purple room, which is a room for all the "regulars", which you will be invited to join if you hang out with us enough.

Think of the rooms/rules/functions like a stoplight

Green = All Chat

Yellow = hangout logistics discussion only

Red = 1 hangout post/announcement only

Violation of the rules
consequences for accidental violation of the rules
  • First & Second violation:  Asked to re-read the rules.
  • Third violation: kick from room where rule was broken, asked to re-read.
  • Fourth violation: Day ban from the room where rule was broken.
Willingly breaking the rules gets you removed from all rooms without warning

To join, read then tap/click the 4 links below. You must join all four rooms
. Tapping/clicking constitutes acceptance of the above rules.

Once you've joined the rooms:

  • You NEED to mute all rooms EXCEPT for RED ROOM. Unless you want your phone dinging and annoying you all day (scroll down to see how).
  • You NEED to turn "Media auto download" off unless you want your phone saving every picture someone posts (scroll down to see how).
  • You NEED to put your name in your profile. SETTINGS > PROFILE > (blank space directly under your image). This is so people know who you are.


To mute the chatrooms

first go to a room and tap on the title of the room

Then tap the mute section and select "1 year" to mute the room for 1 year.
Do this for "GREEN Room", "YELLOW Room"... don't mute "RED ROOM" though.

To turn media auto download off
 first go to "settings", then tap "chat settings"

Then tap the "Save incoming media" switch so it's off,

it should look like the following image if you do it right:

If you have an android, you have to do the same steps above but I don't have an example to show you =/

How to add your name or nickname to

whatsapp so new people know who you are.


 Tap settings icon in the bottom right
 Tap the 3 dots to the top right

tap on your profile picture at the top
Tap "settings

Enter your name or nickname  in the circled area
Tap the area above "Account" which shows your name and profile picture


You're done.
Enter your name or nickname  in the circled area


unlocking website functions